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Tired of Complicated Data Logging Installations? Streamline Your Remote Monitoring with Our Exclusive EWS Devices

We are proud to announce an exclusive partnership with EWS Australia (EWS), makers of advanced turnkey remote monitoring technologies that can dramatically streamline your  data logging. As the sole Canadian distributor of all EWS’s product lines, Rice now offers customers full access to EWS’s highly sophisticated monitoring solutions that make data logging in remote locations easy to install and seamlessly integrated into your existing enterprise systems. 

Applications of such technologies are vast, ranging from resource mining, oil & gas operations, large-scale construction sites, civil and municipal infrastructure to geotechnical railway, agricultural and general environmental use cases. Products of particular interest to Rice customers include the EWS Switch, EWS Well-Cap, EWS Vibrating Wire Telemetry and EWS Telemetry Tiltmeter. These products represent a new era in remote monitoring with a focus on being compact, easy to deploy ultra-low power, low cost and cloud ready.  Additionally, the entire product line is capable of transmitting data over 4GLTE celluar or satellite networks. 

“Making these innovative data logging technologies available to the Canadian market is a real game changer,” said Michael Kunyk, President & CEO of Rice Resource Technologies. “What’s special and unique about this product line is that it is so simple and easy to use. It can take data from pretty much any input device, using protocols such as SDI-12 or Modbus, and transmit it using radio, satellite or cellular signals into your data management platform of your choice. EWS devices are relatively quick to set up and can be conveniently programmed directly from a smartphone app. ” Kunyk explained.   

With this new partnership, gone is the need for Canadian companies to rely on lengthy operator field visits or complicated setups of current data-logging and monitoring equipment. The robust product line has a proven track record operating in Australia’s harsh, isolated environments, as well as around the world. EWS products are used successfully throughout remote locations in Australia, Central Asia, South America, and beyond. 

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