EWS Switch - Vibrating Wire Telemetry

EWS’s Switch-VWT (Vibrating Wire Telemetry) is a compact, low power, multi-comms data transmitter and VWP convertor in one.

It reads vibrating wire and temperature sensors and transmits frequency and temperature measurements wirelessly to the EWS web portal over either the Iridium Satellite Network or LTE.  The data is available for storage, processing and display as well as to export data into client databases via FTP, SFTP, XML, CSV or email.

The Australian manufactured Switch-VWT is ideal for new and retro-fit instrumentation projects where unattended collection of readings from VWP sensors is required.

Easy to set up and configure with a standard mobile device plus the EWS SwitchComm app, the Switch-VWT sets the global standard in Geotechnical Monitoring.

Available Products

EWS Switch - Vibrating Wire Telemetry
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Product Details

The Switch-VWT comes as either single, 4-channel or 8-channel option for versatility around nested bores or clustered vibrating wire instruments.

For ease of installation the Switch-VWT is pre-programmed for simple plug and play onsite. The VW sensors are connected to the Switch-VWT via a simple pluggable screw terminal block or M12 plug.

The user then connects via Bluetooth to the unit to take a manual reading to confirm the installation.


  • Works with most VWP sensors
  • Locally manufactured in Australia
  • Extremely compact and rugged compared to other options
  • Locally supported
  • Plug and play setup onsite
  • Ideal for short or long-term, unattended deployments
  • Easy to relocate
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Perfect for new and retrofit instrumentation projects
  • Switch and software are supported worldwide
  • Tested and proven in the Pilbara Region


  • Interchangeable comms options; send data via Iridium and LTE Cellular
  • Low power draw with internal battery back up
  • 5 year battery life
  • 12-24v external power or direct solar panel input
  • Bluetooth embedded for local app connection and programming
  • Remotely change settings with two-way communications including via Iridium
  • Small compact form factor; Approx. 150x60x60mm
  • Lightweight; 250g
  • LED’s for external verification/diagnostics
  • Reads up to 4 x VWP sensors with thermistors (4 x sensors per Switch-VWT, expandable to 8)
  • Auto sweep frequency scanning configuration (450-6000Hz)
  • Auto configured excitation voltage (5v/12v)
  • Automatic data upload directly to the dedicated EWS web portal



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