EWS Well Cap

The EWS Well-Cap Groundwater Monitoring Solution makes it easy to automate measurement of groundwater wells.

EWS’s Groundwater Well-Cap leverages the power and reliability of the Switch Data logger family to deliver a cost-effective, self-contained package to monitor groundwater and any other environmental applications. Made from extremely robust glass filled nylon with a lockable hasp, the telemetry electronics sit safely within the IP68 top section and can be easily configured via our Bluetooth mobile app.

Hassle-free and quick installation - the Well-Cap is simply connected to the sensor, placed over the monitoring bore and fixed in place with grub screws. Different adaptors allow it flexibility to fit to any bore diameter. Easily gain access to the bore for pump sampling or calibration dips by simply flipping back the lid.

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EWS Well Cap
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Product Details

The EWS Well-Cap is a well thought out, all-in-one solution for remote environmental monitoring. While specialised for groundwater monitoring bore automation, its ability to connect to any sensor type and transmit data using cellular or satellite telemetry means it can be utilised for a range of different applications. 

The Well-Cap device presents a discreet, easy to deploy, telemetry datalogger and transmitter in one. Ideal for short, mid or long-term groundwater monitoring campaigns with long-life lithium battery pack or solar options.


  • Works with ANY sensor
  • Mounts on ANY pipe
  • Mobile or Satellite communications from the same unit
  • Tamper-proof packaging securing your wells
  • Capable of measuring sensors over SDI-12, 4-20ma, Pulse and Modbus
  • Custom housing colours available
  • Lithium battery for long term reliable operation (3-5 years)
  • FTP/SFTP data to any client database
  • Mounts on any diameter pipe
  • Built-in EWS logger/transmitter
  • IP68 housing for battery/electronics/antenna with screwless access
  • ABS plastic construction UV rated to more than 10 years
  • Optional custom coloured covers for extended UV lifespan
  • Simple design provides easy access to sensors
  • Sensor hanger plate with room to insert electronic tapes or other calibration devices
  • Concealed bolts to fasten the cap to the well casing
  • Compatible with any sensor with SDI-12, Modbus or analogue output
  • Optional solar panel for continuous operation
  • Weight including battery & logger (900 grams)
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 160mm Height: 180mm
  • Internal 12V Lithium Battery (3-5 years life span dependent on transmission rate)



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