Single & Multi-Well Solar Sipper

The Geotech Solar Sipper is a solar powered remediation system, designed for remote applications where electrical power is either not available or not economically feasible. This uniquely flexible system can be configured for up to eight wells. The compact, easy to install features make this unit efficient to move and implement multiple wells.

The Solar Sipper uses a unique downwell pump to recover hydrocarbons through a floating oleophilic hydrophobic intake filter. Once the pump canister is filled via the vacuum cycle, the pump reverses, pressurizes the system and pumps the recovered fluid to the surface and into a storage vessel.

The Geotech Solar Sipper can effectively extract fluids from depths to 180 feet below ground surface and recover viscous hydrocarbons such as 90 weight oil when our heavy oil skimmer is utilized.

Available Products

Single & Multi-Well Solar Sipper
[Single & Multi-Well Solar Sipper]
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Product Details

The Solar Sipper can reduce overall project costs and dramatically improve deployment:

  • Available in single or multi-well configurations
  • Reduces the time and cost for a power line to be run to a site.
  • Eliminates the need for electricians to do install work and permitting.
  • The simple and safe low voltage system can be installed without special training or licensing and requires minimal experience.
  • No trenching or transformer equipment is required.
  • Relocating equipment to follow a plume or to adjust to new site characterization information is fast and easy.