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Rice Earth Sciences – Proudly bringing Lufft Meteorological Equipment to the Canadian market!

We are proud to announce that effective today, Rice Earth Sciences has become Canada’s newest Lufft distributor for WeatherWind, and Precipitation Sensors!

Based in Fellbach, Germany, Lufft has been developing and producing professional sensors and systems for climate and environment measurement for more than 130 years.  Proudly known for their precision workmanship and leading accuracy, Lufft intelligent meteorological sensors form the basis of highly accurate meteorological and environmental bodies throughout the world.  Their lineup is spread across four major technologies; Wind & Weather, Traffic & Weather, Optical Sensors, and Industrial Measuring Devices.

For our customers, the acquisition of the Lufft Meteorological sensing lineup further advances Rice Earth Sciences into complete monitoring integration.  Complementing our existing instrumentation lineup, we are now able to provide the most advanced sensing equipment for applications from water quality to slope stability.  With Lufft, Rice Earth Sciences now covers Weather, Water, Soil, Air, and Geotechnical applications!  Watch for a series of Insights throughout the summer highlighting how Lufft can bring valuable information to your next project.

Add in our available external datalogging options (like the HydroMACE XCi) and we can easily integrate multiple sensors to ensure are getting the most accurate data from your site.  Set alarms, parameters and add externally controlled equipment (such as a sampling pump) to complete your remote monitoring station.

And integrate this all with the HydroVu web-based platform to visualize your data in real-time.  Provide your clients with accessible dashboards and ensure that you are bringing the best technology to their world.

To learn more about Lufft, chat with us online or call us today!  We’re looking forward to bringing these solutions to the Canadian market.

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