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Kevin’s Recap from Baroid’s Mud School

Sooooo….I spent a week in Houston at the Halliburton facility attending the Baroid Mud School for water well drilling.  This sure gave me a whole new insight into the science involved in drilling fluids.  It also made me realize that drillers of any persuasion are part contractor, part scientist and part magician!  Knowing how to alter the characteristics of the drilling fluid on the fly to take into account the various formations that the driller is moving through is an art.  Nothing less.   

We were taught how to maximize the characteristics of the various additives to the drilling fluid depending on the formation and what was required of the drilling fluid i.e. borehole stabilization, viscosity, gel strength etc. as well as the different types of fluids used in different styles of drilling (mud rotary, air, foam). 

I take my hat off to all the drillers we serve (and those we don’t) for their knowledge, dedication and perseverance to provide their clients with a clean and sustainable water source.  It’s not an easy life, but the drillers I connected with were all dedicated professionals and a pleasure to learn from.  Kudos to them and all of the water well drillers out there! 


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