Guzzler for Hydrocarbon Recovery

The Geotech Guzzler is an easy-to-install product recovery system designed for shallow recovery operation with up to 25 feet (7.6m) of suction lift. The pump is usually mounted near the well head on a post or in a 12" (30.5cm minimum sump and will deliver approximately 0-4 GPM (0-15 LPM) while using 2-6 CFM (.06-.17cmm) of air, depending on the suction lift, pumping rate, and total discharge head.

Available Products

Guzzler for Hydrocarbon Recovery
[Guzzler for Hydrocarbon Recovery]
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Product Details

  • Non-metallic, corrosive resistant pump housing assembly
  • Variable speed pump matches well recharge rate
  • Choice of 2" or 4" (5cm or 10cm) skimmer systems
  • The 4" (10cm) floating skimmer can accommodate groundwater fluctuations in excess of 16" (41cm)
    and skim free floating product down to a sheen
  • Tankfull Shut-Off Sensor



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