Aqua TROLL Turbidity Sensor

The Aqua TROLL 500 and Aqua TROLL 600 turbidity sensor provides consistent, accurate turbidity measurement and total suspended solids (TSS) data, eliminating the need for bench top turbidity testing. The turbidity sensor addresses the drawbacks of traditional field turbidity sensors with features like ambient light rejection technology, internal temperature compensation and low-cost calibration.

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Available Products

Aqua TROLL Turbidity Sensor
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Product Details

  • Turbidity measurement from 0-4,000 NTU
  • TSS measurement from 0-1,500 mg/L
  • Ambient light rejection technology
  • Internal temperature compensation
  • Low calibration solution volume (10 mL)
  • Improved accuracy: Provides reliable data when measuring turbidity and suspended sediments in direct sunlight or hundreds of meters below the surface.
  • Automatic temperature compensation: Calibrate the turbidity sensor in the office and deploy in 0-50°C water without any drift due to temperature changes.
  • Low-cost calibration: Fewer calibration points plus 10X lower volume of calibration standard required reduces calibration costs.