Aqua Troll 800

The Aqua TROLL 800 is a fully customizable, seven-port multiparameter sonde with capacity for six interchangeable sensors and an antifouling wiper. Features long-lasting battery power and a smartphone interface that enables simplified calibration, panoramic data view and report creation. Ideal for short-term and long-term deployment. Available in vented and non-vented options.

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Aqua Troll 800
[Aqua Troll 800]
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Product Details

The Aqua TROLL 800 is designed for optimal accuracy and reliability. In addition to fast-response sensors, built-in error prevention and active and passive antifouling, the Aqua TROLL 800 includes internal logging capabilities and uses two alkaline D batteries for continuous deployment without external power. A micro SD card records backup logs to safeguard your data.

Sensor options include: temperature, conductivity, pH/ORP, Rugged Dissolved Oxygen (RDO®), turbidity, chlorophyll a Phycocyanin (BGA-PC), Phycoerythrin (BGA-PE), FDOM Crude Oil, RHodamine WT, Fluorescein WT, ammonium (ISE), chloride (ISE) and nitrate (ISE).

Cable, telemetry and Wireless TROLL Com sold separately.
Protect your multiparameter sonde with In-Situ Care for Multiparameteres, an optional three-tiered service plan.



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