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Surfacewater Monitoring

Safeguarding Canada’s Waterways: Surfacewater Monitoring Solutions by Rice Earth Sciences

With a legacy of decades in environmental protection, Rice Earth Sciences is renowned for its commitment to preserving the integrity of Canada’s natural lakes and waterways.

Our surfacewater monitoring solutions are at the forefront of safeguarding these vital resources, offering comprehensive tools and expertise to monitor water quality and levels effectively.



  Protecting Water Resources Across Industries:


Rice Earth Sciences’ solutions are trusted by clients across various sectors, including construction, resource development, and environmental remediation. Our surfacewater monitoring solutions play a pivotal role in:

  • Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs): Our tools and technologies are integral to conducting thorough ESAs, providing essential data on surfacewater quality and levels to assess environmental impacts and risks.
  • Construction and Resource Development: We assist construction and resource development projects in monitoring surfacewater adjacent to worksites, helping to prevent pollution and cross-contamination, especially during extreme weather events.
  • Remediation Work: Our surfacewater monitoring solutions are essential for assessing the effectiveness of remediation efforts, ensuring that water quality and levels meet regulatory standards and environmental objectives.



  Comprehensive Solutions for Surfacewater Monitoring:

Rice Earth Sciences offers a comprehensive suite of surfacewater monitoring solutions, including:

  • Water Quality Monitoring: Our tools allow for real-time monitoring of various water quality parameters, such as pH, dissolved oxygen, and nutrient levels, to identify potential pollution sources and assess environmental health.
  • Water Level Monitoring: We provide instrumentation for precise monitoring of water levels in lakes, rivers, and other water bodies, enabling early detection of changes and proactive management of water resources.
  • Extreme Weather Monitoring: Our solutions include monitoring technologies designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, ensuring continuous data collection and protection of monitoring infrastructure.



  Partner with Environmental Protection Experts:


  • Partner with Rice Earth Sciences to strengthen your environmental protection efforts and safeguard Canada’s waterways for future generations.
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