Rice Earth Sciences facilitates the creation of safe, stable and productive mining operations. Our product line associated services are used in the planning, engineering, construction, operation, closure and remediation of mine sites – the entire mine life cycle. Our extensive product line and ability to serve remote sites across Canada has made Rice Earth Sciences a trusted supplier to the mining industry by supporting key functions related to exploration (core sampling), geotechnical stability, environmental impact, and closure/remediation. We also offer tailing and waste management solutions.

Planning and Construction
From geotechnical and environmental equipment and instrumentation to custom manufacturing solutions and well construction accessories, Rice puts your operations on solid footing.

We offer a wide range of sampling equipment, casing and accessories, as well as drilling fluids, additives and grouts for your core sampling.

Ensure your mine is operating at peak performance with Rice Earth Sciences complete range of geotechnical and environmental equipment and instrumentation.

Closure and Reclamation
There are strict measures in place to ensure mines are compliant with all regulations involving closure and site reclamation. Rice helps you live up to your commitments through a suite of products and instrumentation necessary for technically sound remediation and monitoring.

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