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Construction Environmental Monitoring

More than ever before, construction projects are being asked to up their game when it comes to ongoing environmental monitoring. A company’s social license to operate may depend on it, and failing to catch serious environmental impacts could kill a project before it can be completed. And mandated assessments and regulation is only set to increase as governments come under pressure to ward off ecological damage and protect wildlife, native species, and waterways.

As a result, project teams are turning to technologies that give them automated data collection, monitoring, and alarm capabilities along with the potential for telemetry—an advanced system that, in some cases, doesn’t require a SCADA system, and allows data to be stored in the cloud for decision-making in real time.

But, how do you know if high-tech environmental monitoring is worth it for your project?  And if so, where do you start?

Explore the article in the References section on the side menu that highlights two prominent case studies and outlines the benefits of environmental monitoring in construction.

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