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Tunnel Boring & Microtunneling

Tunnel Boring Machines are employed to bore large diameter passageways through rock and soil using a massive rotating drill bit. It is a highly efficient method for constructing tunnels capable of accommodating traffic, subways and culverts. Microtunneling is a smaller version of a TBM, with a maximum bore diameter of 1.5 m, and is used for the installation of pipe and casings.

Rice supplies the muds necessary to lubricate and cool the drill bit (prolonging its operational life) and keep the hole open. Choosing a high-quality mud is critical. We also provide grouts and additives necessary to fill any voids or cracks along the tunnel to ensure stability.

Our team was proud to serve a partner in the development of Eglinton Crosstown Tunnel Project in Toronto. Developed for the Metrolinx light rail system, this massive nine-kilometer twin tunnel is among Canada’s largest and most complex municipal tunneling projects.

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